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Whether you need a quick lock change or just looking to upgrade the security of your home no job is too big or small for us. We can change your locks, add new locks to your door or even change the existing key for more info ring us at (03) 8593 7483

There are many reasons why one will choose to change their locks on their door, the majority of the time it’s because of unlawful entry to your home and the crooks got ahold of your key. In that case you should be changing the key on your home as soon as possible but this particular scenario can be avoided if you had electronic locks that don’t require a key so by upgrading the security and locks on your home you can avoid those type of scenarios.

Why you should change your locks when you move into a new home?

once you got the keys for your new home or apartment or even if you are renting and just moved into a new place you should get the keys change on all the locks because the real estate does not and you just don’t know who lived there before you moved in and what kind of person they are! in some states the real estate is required by law to change the locks after a tenant moves out.

Can a locksmith add a new lock to my door?

most definitely we are capable to add one or more locks to your exciting door without the need to change the door. our On Call Locksmiths are trained ad carry all the necessary tools to add and installed any type of lock to your door.

Our Lock change services and products for residential and commercial properties include:

  • All type of locks changedĀ 
  • sliding door locks
  • window locks
  • post box locks
  • deadbolt, deadlocks and deadlatch locks
  • security door locks
  • high security locksĀ 
  • cabinet locks
  • roller door locks
  • garage door locks
  • interior door locks
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